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Please see the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Q. What is my collection day?

A. Please log into the account section of our website, all details concerning your account are contained in there including the collection calendar for your area.

Q. What happens if my collection day falls on a Bank Holiday?

A. For most areas collection days remain as usual. However we do offer a text service whereby we text all registered customers updates on collection days and reminder

Q. How do I make payment on my account?

There are several ways to make payment

  1. Log into the my account section of the website and make payments securely and easily 24/7
  2. Call us on 0402 36161.
  3. You can request a payment card which you can top up at most local stores
  4. At the post office – Simply present your invoice and make the payment there
  5. By Direct Debit  - email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a Direct debit form
  6. Call us 0402 36161 Monday – Friday  8am -17.30 pm

Q. How can I get a statement of my account?

A.  Please log into My AWD Account section of our website, all details concerning your account are contained therein

Q. I’d like to change my payment plan

A. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of our customer agents will call you back to discuss options available to you 

Q How can I check my balance

A. Visit us on www.awdgroup.ie Log into My AWD Account section. This service allows you to view your balance, make payments and download your collection calendar.

Q. How will I Pay?

A. You should pay online via your online account. You can view your account balance and download your collection calendar from your online account.

Q. What happens if my bins are stolen?

A. If your bins are stolen, you should contact Awd and report them stolen.

Q. How can I reduce my waste bill?

A. Your waste bill can be reduced by managing your waste better and recycling more.

Here are some useful tips to help to reduce your waste costs:

  • Bring less waste into your home: Start at the root of the problem by bringing home less waste.  The best place to start is in your weekly shop!  We also find that cat and dog litter can add to the weights.
  • Sell or give old items away: You may not have a use for your old stereo but more than likely someone else can make use of it. Look for charities and non-profits that will take your old things rather than kicking them to the curb.
  • Increase your recycling: Your green bin can take all cardboard, paper, plastics, aluminium, steel and tetra pack.  Once it is cleaned and dried then just squash it into the green bin. 

Q. Why is it charged?

A. When we take away your general waste, it is very expensive to dispose of it.  We are charged to get rid of it based on its weight and the government also applies hefty carbon taxes.  In fact, it is the biggest cost for a business like ours.

This policy is put into place to ensure that customers will use the services responsibly and appropriately.  It will also act as a positive influence on recycling for customers.

Why was my wheelie bin not emptied?

The main reasons we will be leaving a bin behind is:

  • The bin is considered to be over loaded(Lid is not fully Closed)
  • The bin is considered too heavy and poses a health and safety risk
  • The bin has a tag on it when its an account customer
  • The bin is contaminated with the wrong waste types
  • The account does not have enough funds to empty the bin

If none of the above applies then please contact us on 0402 36161 and we will investigate the matter further.