AWD Waste Solutions provides a professional and reliable waste collection service. As a leading service provider, we aim to offer a premium service to our customers at the best value for money.

We are committed to promoting sustainability by reducing waste, while at the same time increasing Recycling and Energy Generation

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Experience has proven that source segregated waste collection is a key element to increasing recycling levels.


Black Waste Bin

The waste in your black bin is collected by AWD and processed to recover any recyclables. The remaining non-recyclable fraction is then sent for landfill disposal with energy recovery. When this material is landfilled it produces a biogas. AWD collect this biogas and harness it to generate renewable electricity and heat. To view what you should put in your Black Bin.

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Green Recycling Bin

The contents of your green bin are brought to AWD's resource recovery facility where a highly engineered process segregates and separates the material stream into distinct flows in preparation for reprocessing. Plastics, cardboard, paper, steel cans and aluminium cans are all recovered and prepared for recycling. To view what you should put in your Green Bin.

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Brown Food Bin

The organic material collected in your brown bin is brought to our central composting facility where it is processed, monitored and controlled in order to naturally biodegrade the material. This results in a high quality compost that is suitable for all gardening and landscaping applications. To view what you should put in your Brown Bin.

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